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• Selecting a GG, CBC News, October 1, 2010

Kevin MacLeod, the Usher of the Black Rod and Canadian secretary to the Queen, talks about the process behind selecting David Johnston as the new Governor General

The Queen’s man on the ground. 

So many thank-you notes, so many flowers—a royal tour requires a master planner


by Patricia Treble,

 on Thursday, July 8, 2010


In case of fire, Save the Black Rod, by Mitchel Raphael, on Friday, March 12, 2010 12, 2010

• CBC Radio 1, The House: Beat the House, November, 2008 (1.1MB Flash audio file)

• Article in the Cape Breton Post: Boularderie native's book deals with island's Celtic heritage, September 27, 2007

• Interview on CTV (CJOH Television) Focus, Ottawa, October 3 & 4, 2007 [8.6MB Flash movie]

• Interview on CTV, Halifax "Live at 5,Halifax, October 4, 2007 [15.9MB Flash movie]

• Article in The Chronicle Herald: A sense of family, October 7, 2007

• Article in The Victoria Standard: A Stone on Their Cairn, Saga set in Victoria Country 1896 to 1914, October 8 – 21, 2007.

• Interview oncfra2_textmediumOttawa, October 9, 2007 (2.6MB Flash audio file)

Ottawa book launch, Chapters, Ottawa Rideau Street branch, November 10, 2007.

 Review by Alexa Thompson — Celtic HeritageNovember, December 2007 (PDF file)
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